Friday, 31 May 2013

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is for Roasted Sweet Potato Fries. Sweet potatoes have more fibre than normal potatoes, lots of vitamins and are really yummy. If you've never tried them, then this is a good way to begin. By roasting them, they release more of their natural flavours, and because of the chilli flavours add, you don't even realise that they're sweet.

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Sweet Potatoes
2. Olive Oil
3. Crushed Red Chilli
4. Salt and Pepper

Bismillah, let's start!

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 8.

Slice 2 sweet potatoes into chips, and place into a mixing bowl.

Add about 2-3 tablespoons olive oil.

Season well with salt and pepper.

Add 1 tablespoon crushed red chilli.

Stir well to coat the potatoes.

Place the potatoes onto a lined tray.

Bake in the oven at Gas Mark 8 for 35 minutes or until golden brown, crispy and cooked all the way.

Serve immediately for a spicy, sweet and salty side dish.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Orange Juice Drink

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is for an Orange Juice Drink. The past few days have been really cloudy here, but the weekend was beautiful, alhamdulillah. It was on the weekend that I made this refreshing drink. I don't think anything beats the taste of fresh orange juice - apart from maybe my homemade lemonade!

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Oranges
2. Fresh Orange Juice
3. Water
4. Sugar
5. Ice

Bismillah, let's make orange juice! 

Take 4 oranges.

Peel and slice the flesh and place into a jug blender.

Take about 400 ml fresh orange juice.

Add the juice to the blender.

Add about 1/2 pint cold water.

Add sugar, to taste. Blend the juice until smooth, and then strain through a sieve. Taste and adjust the water and sugar, if needed.

Place a handful of ice cubes into a jug.

Pour the sieved juice over the ice, and cool in the fridge until time to serve.


Potatoes, Carrots and Peas Curry

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is for Potatoes, Carrots and Peas Curry or Aloo Gajar Matar as it's known around here. This curry is made with these everyday vegetables but it really is so delicious with the addition of the spices - even a meat lover will be converted!

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Vegetable Oil
2. Onions
3. Boiling Water
4. Tomatoes
5. Salt
6. Crushed Red Chilli 
7. Ground Turmeric
8. Ground Cumin
9. Ground Coriander
10. Fresh Fenugreek Leaves 
11. Carrots
12. Potatoes
13. Peas
14. Green Chillies

Bismillah, let's begin!

Heat a few tablespoons vegetable oil in a large pan, and add 4 peeled and sliced onions.

Fry until lightly golden brown.

Add a splash of boiling water.

Cook for a few more minutes until the onions have softened.

Next, add 2 chopped tomatoes.

Add 1 teaspoon salt ..

.. 2 teaspoon crushed red chilli ..

.. 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric ..

.. 1 teaspoon ground cumin ..

.. 1 teaspoon ground coriander ..

Give everything a good stir.

Fry for about 5-7 minutes

Add 2 bunches washed and chopped fresh fenugreek (methi).

Stir to combine.

Add 6 peeled and chopped carrots.


Add 2 chopped green chillies.

.. 3 peeled and sliced potatoes ..

and 1 cup frozen peas.

Stir to combine, then cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until all the veggies are tender.

Serve immediately with roti, bread or rice.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Swiss Roll

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

This recipe is for a Swiss Roll. In my opinion, there is no dessert which is so simple to make but looks so stunning than a swiss roll. The no-butter sponge itself bakes in just 10 minutes, and because it's so thin, it cools really fast. Some people are put off by the actual rolling part, but once you make it, you'll realise it's the easiest part of the whole thing. All that's left now is to spread on the jam of your choice, roll, slice and eat!

A Simple List of Ingredients:

1. Eggs
2. Caster Sugar
3. Self-Raising Flour
4. Jam of your choice

Bismillah, let's bake!

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 7.

Grease and line a Swiss roll tin, and make sure to grease the baking paper too.

Place 4 ounces caster sugar into a Kitchen Aid mixer bowl.

Crack in 4 eggs.

Whisk on high speed until ..

.. the mixture is pale and thick enough to leave a trail when you lift the whisk out.

Sift in 4 ounces self-raising flour ..

.. and fold in thoroughly and gently.

Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, and tilt to spread it evenly into the corners.
Place into the oven at Gas Mark 7 for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Whilst the sponge is baking, place a large piece of baking paper onto a surface. 

Sprinkle liberally with caster sugar.

At this point, the sponge should be baked.

Invert the sponge onto the paper with sugar on it.

Peel off the paper lining the sponge.

Roll up the sponge .. 

and the baking paper ..

.. together. Leave to stand for 3 minutes.

Take about 6 tablespoons warmed jam. I used blackberry jam, and warmed it for a minute in the microwave.

Unroll the sponge.

Spread the sponge with the warmed jam.

Roll the sponge up again ..

.. without the paper!

Now, stand back ..

.. and congratulate yourself on making a Swiss roll!

Allow to cool slightly, slice ..

.. and serve with a good old cup of tea!


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